State officials have finished their review of state records connected to Evelyn Miller, the five-year-old northern Iowa girl who was found, murdered, in July. State social workers investigated child abuse and neglect allegations surrounding the child. Top Department of Human Services administrators reviewed the paper trail. A spokesman for the agency says while their review is complete, the records won’t be made public today. It’s up to the prosecutor of the case to decide whether the department’s review can be released to the public — but that decision will come after the criminal case ends and only if the agency found Evelyn was abused and neglected. A relatively-new state law passed after a Spirit Lake toddler died of abuse lets the governor and key lawmakers review any state social worker records. Governor Tom Vilsack conducted such a review. Vilsack announced on July 14th that he found no evidence to suggest Evelyn was in danger or that the state’s child protection system failed her.