A non-profit organization in Rock Valley that helps people with disabilities is donating around 600 refurbished wheelchairs to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Calvin Helmus is the associate director of Hope Haven. He says they started getting calls from people who heard on the TV or radio about a need for wheelchairs in Louisiana. Hope Haven sends refurbished wheelchairs around the world and Helmus says they’re working with several organizations to get the chairs to the South. He says they partner with people who have structures in place to distribute the wheelchairs to the right people. Helmus says wheelchairs aren’t the only item they’re sending south. He says that includes hygiene kits, commodes, and crutches and diapers and things that people are gonna need. You can contribute to Hope Haven’s efforts by going to their website at: www.HopeHaven.org, or call them at 1-877-978-4673 from eight to 4:30 weekdays.