A 94-year-old Cedar Rapids woman has received a post card she should have received when she was 64. Evelyn Greenwald got the postcard this week. “Nothing surprises when you’re this old,” Greenwald says, with a chuckle. The postcard was addressed to her and her husband, who’s been dead for 22 years. It was sent by their daughter about 30 years ago, when she was touring Europe. Greenwald says she visited Europe several times in the past three decades, and came close to where her daughter had mailed the card. “The postcard (took) years and years to make it, but I went back and forth, I forget, whether it’s four or five times,” she says. Greenwald isn’t upset it took so long for the postcard to reach her hands. “Thank goodness it didn’t have a lot of money in it,” she jokes. Evelyn’s daughter now lives in Calfornia, and she’s trying to reach her daughter to tell her about the postcard being delivered 30 years late. Evelyn won’t be sending a letter, though. She’s using the phone to try to reach her daughter.