As cold weather approches, flocks of Iowa residents are preparing to temporarily leave the Hawkeye State for the warmer weather of states like Arizona and Florida. Richard Watkins, spokesman for the U-S Postal Service, says a new sort mail forwarding service is now being offered to snowbirds called Premium Forwarding Service or P-F-S. Watkins says P-F-S is designed to send all mail to a person’s temporary address — first-class mail being the cards, letters and bills, and all second and third-class mail too — catalogs, advertising, newspapers and magazines. He says it’s a service many Iowans might consider — not just snowbirds, but also college students, business travelers and members of the military. Watkins says it gets all of their mail to a temporary address using Priority Mail within two or three days. He says other items, packages and other first-class mail that won’t fit in the P-F-S package, will be rerouted and delivered to the temp address at no additional charge. Watkins says there -is- a charge for P-F-S. You have to go to the post office to sign up. There’s a ten-dollar one-time enrollment charge and the service is ten-dollars a week. For more details, surf to “”.