The Department of Natural Resources is holding a contest for Iowa college students to come up with a solution to a problem. Jill Cornell of the D-N-R says they’re looking for ideas for a public awareness campaign. She says they want to create awareness for people who buy new tires to get those people to leave their old tires at the dealerships.

Cornell says an estimated one out of five Iowans take home their old tires after buying new wheels. Cornell says they’re really surprised that people are taking home the old tires, and she says they don’t know what people do with the tires. But Cornell says the state still has a problem with the dumping of old tires.

Cornell says they’re asking current college students to submit a public service announcement for the campaign called “Retire Your Tires: Leave the Old When Buying New.” Cornell says the entries can be from a single student or a group and you can get more information on-line. She says you can go to the website: and to into the waste management area to get more information.

he says they’re taking entries for radio and television and the entries must be postmarked by April 3rd. Cornell says they’re offering a one-thousand, 750 and 500-dollar prize for first, second and third place in TV. And there’s a 500-dollar, 250-dollar and 100-dollar first, second and third place prize for the radio winners. The winners will be announced in May.