The Iowa Highway Patrol is developing a recreational vehicle into a communications command center to help improve its response to major emergencies. Captain Todd Misel says it’s not a new concept. He says the Iowa State Patrol has always had some sort of vehicle to take out to major incidents, he cites the crash of Flight 232 in Sioux City as an example.

Misel says one of the biggest advantages the vehicle gives troopers is its ability to manage information. He says “communications operability” is one of the big buzz words being used, and Misel says this vehicle has some equipment that gives them the ability to tie disparate communications systems together so people can talk to each other.

Misel says they’re working to upgrade the vehicle even more, but want to be sure they’re getting the equipment that’s important. Misel says they need to be sure the technology doesn’t drive what they’re doing and that they use the technology to support their mission. Misel says sometimes just being able to hear what’s going on somewhere is half the battle. Misel says the communications vehicle is available to go anywhere in the state where it might be needed.