A woman legislators would like to question about her role in a central Iowa job training program cannot be found. Accountant Karen Tesdall of one of the three managers of the Central Iowa Employment and Training Consortium who earned big, six-figure salaries. The Legislature’s Oversight Committee had hoped to have Tesdall testify before them Wednesday, but they’ve been unable to find her.

Senator Tom Courtney, the committee’s co-chair, says they’ve tried to send a certified letter to Tesdall six or seven times, and can’t figure out if she’s intentionally avoiding discovery. “If she isn’t around and it’s on purpose, I think she ought to quit doing that and come in and see us,” Courtney says.

“Maybe something’s happened to her. I really don’t know. Quite frankly I wouldn’t know her if I saw her, but if she’s doing this on purpose, she ought to quit doing that.” Courtney says the committee will issue a subpeona for Tesdall if they are unable to get her to willingly testify.