The new Man of Steel is getting rave reviews from home state fans as “Superman Returns” opened to an ovation late last night (Tuesday). The movie hits theatres nationwide today.

The next generation Superman Brandon Routh is from the Des Moines suburb of Norwalk. After the first showing, West Des Moines moviegoers emerged about half-past-midnight, applauding and giggling. One woman says “It was really good. I enjoyed it and the whole theatre seemed to really enjoy it too. Everyone was oooing and ahhhing.”

One man says “Superman has lived on in D.C. Comics for years and years and now the new Superman’s from Iowa and it gives a little flair to Iowans, you know, saying that Superman’s from our hometown, it’s nice, a little spark.”

Routh is 26, the same age the previous movie Superman, Christopher Reeve, was when he first donned the red cape. If this movie succeeds, Routh reportedly has the option for at least two more in his contract.