The third-place finisher in June’s Democratic gubernatorial primary is still getting donations and is building what he terms a “progressive political movement” in Iowa. It’s been over a month since the primary votes were cast making Chet Culver the Democratic party’s nominee for governor. But the answering machine at Ed Fallon’s campaign headquarters is still taking messages and Fallon says he’s in weekly contact with about six-thousand Iowans via e-mail.

In his latest e-mail message, Fallon invites folks who were making monthly donations to his campaign to continue making those contributions. He says he’ll use the money to build what he calls a “progressive” political movement. “I’m not in a position to really clarify that yet,” Fallon says. “We will be continuing to try to build momentum for change in government.”

Fallon says he can’t at this point say what the group will look like, but promises he’ll be making some sort of announcement in the next month or so. In the meantime, Fallon is encouraging his supporters to come to Des Moines this Friday. He wants them to sit in the balcony to watch the Iowa Legislature attempt to override Governor Tom Vilsack’s veto of a property rights bill. “We’re going to continue to hammer away on the issues that I care about, that I believe my supporters care about,” Fallon says.