The political action committee of Iowans for Tax Relief is holding events across the state today to announce the endorsement of republican Congressman Jim Nussle’s bid for governor. David Stanley is the co-chairman of the group. He says this is the first time their PAC has ever endorsed a candidate for governor.

Stanley says, “In Jim Nussle we see a rare combination of clear vision and a strong plan to protect Iowa taxpayers and reduce Iowa taxes. Plus a proven record of delivering on pro-taxpayer promises while Jim has served as a member of Congress.” Stanley says Nussle supports the tax polices that will improve the state.

Stanley says Nussle is a strong supporter of the amendment to that Iowa Constitution that allow Iowans to vote on large tax increases. He says Nussle sees the “Peoples Right to Vote” amendment as the first step toward a total overhaul of the tax system. Stanley says up until now Iowans for Tax Relief has only endorsed legislative candidates — but says the group’s approximately 50-thousand members will throw their support behind Nussle.

Stanley says, “We like the way Jim puts Iowans’ family budgets ahead of the government budget. And that again is consistent with his actual pro-taxpayer record.” Stanley says the endorsement will not include a big contribution from the groups PAC, as Stanley says the PAC is still only authorized to donate to state legislative candidates.

Nussle says he’ll take a different approach to taxes if elected governor. Nussle says, “Iowa, I believe needs a governor who knows it’s not his money. That money doesn’t belong to him, it doesn’t belong to the government.” Nussle says when the government keeps surplus money it takes away opportunities from individuals and businesses.

Nussle named current governor Tom Vilsack when talking about changes in tax policy. Nussle says he wants all Iowans to participate in the tax debate, “I think for too long the debate that’s been promoted unfortunately by Governor Vilsack is ‘how do we spend these resources’ not how can we make Iowa’s tax policy more competitive.”

Nussle says the state needs to address the tax situation to encourage business growth. Nussle says he had a small business person describe Iowa’s economic development policy as “all icing and no cake.” Nussle says, “We’re real good at throwing out the icing, which is the Values Fund and special incentives, but the cake is the business climate, and you have to have both.”

Nussle says other states have taken steps to lower the tax burden and improve their business climate, and that’s what he’ll do if elected. Nussle is facing democrat Secretary of State Chet Culver in the November election.