Luck was running high in one southwestern Iowa town for Wednesday’s Powerball drawing. Iowa Lottery spokeswoman, Tina Potthoff, says two tickets sold in Shenandoah were just one number off, earning the holders 200-thousand and 800-thousand dollars.

Potthoff says having two big winners in the same town is unusual. She says with the population of Shenandoah, it’s “pretty uncommon.” The one ticket is worth 800-thousand dollars because of a feature that allows players to pay extra and have the prize multiplied by a randomly drawn number.

Potthoff says the multiplier number Wednesday was four, and that led to another unusual situation. Potthoff says this was the second 800-thousand dollar winner in the last week-and-a-half as an Adel man also recently won an 800-thousand dollar prize.

The two winning tickets in Shenandoah were sold at a gas station and a grocery store. Potthoff says the winners can claim a nice prize and think about what might have been if one more number had been correct. She says they have a lot of Powerball winners that shake their heads after coming so close to winning the jackpot.

The jackpot was not claimed Wednesday and it will rise to and estimated 204-million dollars for Saturday’s drawing.