The State Auditor’s review of accounts in the city of Hamburg has identified nearly 50-thousand dollars worth of “improper” or “undocumented” city spending. The audit identified several questionable payments authorized by Hamburg Mayor Terry Holliman, such as too much overtime pay for some officers in Hamburg’s police department.

In one instance, the audit found the City of Hamburg had paid to install culverts at a grain elevator in Hamburg, and a business run by the town’s mayor billed the elevator to try to collect money for the culverts.

The Hamburg city clerk also said told investigators she noticed one of the city’s policeman was buying more fuel than would fit in the tank of his city-owned vehicle, reportedly because the man had his wife drive their personal vehicle to the station so he could fill his own vehicle and the city vehicle on the city’s dime.

D-C-I agents also found two-thousand dollars of the city’s cash in the mayor’s home. Mayor Holliman said it was money he planned to pay a man who had repaired a city manhole.