An Iowa veteran of the Iraq war is promoting a new fundraiser at the Hy-Vee food stores in the state. B.J. Jackson is representing the “Coalition to Salute American Heroes,” which is selling wrist bands at the Hy-Vee stores to raise money.

Jackson says the bands are a way to support the wounded veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as showing support for soldiers overseas. Jackson visited the Creston Hy-Vee to promote the wrist bands, and talked about the things the organization does for soldiers.

Jackson says they do everything from building homes for paraplegics, and the blind , to holding recovery conferences to direct financial assistance. Jackson says they try to fill the gaps that are there from the other veterans groups instead of trying to compete with those groups.

Creston Hy-Vee store director Rick Fyock says the store chain is glad to help. Fyock says 100-percent of the money raised from the sale of the wrist bands goes to the organization. He says the company felt it was a very worthwhile cause and all the store directors voted to support the program. Jackson was injured himself in Iraq and has since been a spokesman for the organization.

Jackson says he drives and flies all over trying to raise awareness of the coalition and let the service members know the public supports them. Jackson says it means a lot to the service members to know that they’ll be supported when they get out of the hospital, whether they are for or against the war. The wrist bands will be on sale through Veterans Day. For more information on the Coalition to Salute American Heroes, go to

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