Report say five people were killed last night (Monday) in the crash ofa twin-engine plane enroute from Indiana to Ankeny. Investigators withthe National Transportation Safety Board decided to wait until daybreaklocal time before beginning to sort through the wreckage of asix-passenger Cessna 303 that took off from the South Bend airport ataround seven P.M. Central time Monday.

Shortly after take-off, F-A-A controllers lost radar and radiocontact with the plane, but some sheriff’s reports indicate a distresscall and the sounds of engines straining were heard, just before theaircraft crashed into a corn field 10-miles southwest of South Bend.

There was wind and rain in the area at the time of the crash, anddense fog advisory was in effect. It’s not clear though if weatherplayed a role in the accident. The victims names have not yet beenreleased. The plane was registered to C-P-R-T Investment, Incorporated,in Atlantic.