It was earlier this year that Iowans saw gas prices skyrocket to the three-dollar-a-gallon mark. Triple-A’s Rose White says they’ve come down considerably since then.
Fuel prices are actually slightly lower than last year, averaging about $2.22 nationally a gallon for self-serve unleaded. White says while gas prices are considerably lower than they were, other travel expenses have increased a lot.

Higher prices for hotel rooms, rental cars and airfares aren’t expected to keep Americans home even though they’re up by one-fifth. Holiday hotel rates are up 16-percent in major markets the auto club has surveyed, car rental rates went up 21-percent, and air rates are up four-percent compared to last year.

The Triple-A’s “fuel gauge report” website finds the average price in Iowa is $2.30 a gallon. She also says the travel dynamics of the holiday vacation are changing.
She says Thanksgiving’s up about two-point-seven percent compared to last year’s travel plans, and she expects similar increases for the year-end holidays.

More and more families are planning whole family vacations during Christmas, and more report plans to take cruises and trips to popular family attractions like Disneyland. For the latest fuel prices and travel tips, log onto aaa-dot-com

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