A Sioux City college student and some friends have boldly gone…sledding. Not many have gone the way Nick Turner and his buddies went down the snowy slope at Grandview Park — on a couch. Reporters asked Turner if he and his pals felt any more “at risk” going down a hill at breakneck speed on a piece of equipment not designed for that purpose.

Turner says they thought it would be risky, so the first few times they planned to wear helmets. “As we kept going, we weren’t at a high enough center of gravity to flip or roll, so we just kept doing it, figuring it was safe enough for us to do,” he says.

Turner modified the couch by adding a sheet of plywood, bolted it with two-by-fours to the couch as modified ski-runners, and presto — a lean, snow-eating machine. Turner says the contraption holds four — comfortably. They gave it a successful run this past weekend, though since then the snow’s melted away, putting the kibosh for now any any more couch-sledding.

Turner’s optimistic, though, since there’s a 70-percent chance of snow locally on Friday.