He’s not the oldest member of the Iowa General Assembly, but Senator Wally Horn of Cedar Rapids has served longer than any other current member of the House or Senate. Horn is starting his 35th year in the Iowa Legislature. Horn is advising his younger Democratic colleagues to be cautious.

"Already I’ve had people come and talk to me and say ‘What about this?’ and ‘What about that?’ I kind of have to put a conservative pitch in to it," Horn says. "You can have plan A, B or C…some are better than others." Horn advises Democrats to give the people what they want — and if they don’t want it, don’t give it to them.

"You’ve got to be responsible," Horn says. "We know that if you increase taxes and pass some laws that the general public is not ready for, then in two years they oust you." Horn is 73. The oldest member of the Senate is Jack Kibbie, who is 77 and is also the President of the Senate. The oldest member of the legislature is Representative Dolores Mertz of Ottosen who is 78.