Frisbee flingers from across the Midwest are in Cedar Falls this weekend for an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament at the University of Northern Iowa.

Tim Klatt, UNI’s associate director of recreation programs and sports clubs, says the game has some similiarities to football and basketball, using the plastic disc instead of a ball. Klatt says you advance the frisbee down the field by throwing it to a teammate, eventually hitting someone in the end zone. You can pivot like a basketball player as the defense tries to block or intercept. He says it’s a fast-moving sport that’s fun to watch.

Teams from seven other colleges across the region will face off with one from UNI. Klatt says it’s played on a 80-by-40-yard field with seven players on a team. There will be eight teams total playing on three fields in the UNI-Dome and a fourth field in the wellness recreation center.

The tourney runs both today (Saturday) and Sunday. Klatt says many Iowans may not have ever heard of the game of ultimate frisbee, but it’s big with the students. The UNI-Dome seats 16,000 and there’s no admission charge. The tournament is slated to run from 8 AM to 8 PM today (Saturday) and from 8 AM to 5 PM on Sunday.