An agreements been reached with a publisher on a reported one-million dollar deal to immortalize Spencer’s library cat in a book. Head librarian Vicky Myron found the kitten later named "Dewey Readmore Books" in the library’s book drop on a cold January morning in 1988. The kitten was half-frozen when found and its celebrity status quickly spread and never faded as the cat’s story was told. Dewey had to be put to sleep last November.

Myron says she got the news of the contract with a publisher earlier this week. Myron says she knew there was a deal brewing as two publishers were bidding against each other and there would be a public auction for the rights to the book if a deal hadn’t been reached. About 13 publishers were interested in the book proposal.

Myron says the work won’t be a children’s book. She says they plan on the book being a story of Dewey’s life and the impact of the cat on her life. Myron says stories about small towns like Spencer attracted publishers to the proposal, as those type of stories are "very big" on both coasts.

Myron will have help with the project as she says an author from Louisville, Kentucky will actually write the book. Myron says they’ve already done hours of interviews. Myron says the library will benefit from the book deal.