Libraries across the state are hosting a traveling display of history this month, about the history of German-Americans during World War Two. There are two different exhibits created by the organizations called "Traces," and one arrives Tuesday in Burlington, where Kay Weiss is a librarian.

The exhibit coming to Burlington is titled "Vanished," a display of information and items related to German-American civilian internment during the war, and it arrives Tuesday for a half-day stop. Native Iowan Michael Luick-Thrams created the first traveling bus display in Iowa and moved his base of operations to the Twin Cities a couple of years ago. There are two traveling exhibits today, with a full touring schedule.

The "BUS-eum" is a museum in a bus, she explains, focused on one particular topic. The one touring Iowa this month is about the German-American citizens interned during the war and Weiss says some were later held for American prisoners of war held by the Germans.

Many people have heard about the fear that led the U.S. to round up Japanese Americans and put many into internment camps for the duration of the war, but the librarian says not so many know about how we treated German-Americans. The library is making a meeting room available during and after the visit, so people who’ve come to see it can talk and share their ideas after touring the "BUS-eum." The traveling display arrives in Burlington after a stop at the public library in Washington, Iowa, this afternoon.