Urbandale in central Iowa is ranked as the 39th best town in America, and the only town in the state in the top 100, in the new issue of Money magazine. Bob Andeweg is the mayor of the Des Moines suburb. He says this is the second time Urbandale has been named to the rankings, so they’re pleased to be ranked again, and pleased they’ve moved up on the list. Urbandale was ranked 53rd in 2005.

Andeweg says the national exposure is nice for the community. Andeweg says it’s "a lot of prestige for us, it’s a great sign for us that we’re doing some things right and that people take notice around the country that we have a good quality of life and provide a great place for people to live." Andeweg says he’s never heard anyone directly attribute moving to Urbandale to it’s ranking in the magazine — but says people do talk about it.

Andeweg says the magazine’s rankings are based on key factors: overall quality of life, affordability, quality of schools, crime rates. "All factors that a typical person would consider in looking at a good place to live," Andeweg says. The magazine surveyed some 2,800 towns and Middleton, Wisconsin was ranked overall number one in the top 100 list of "Best Places to Live."