The Drake football team will go from one coast to the other in the next two weeks. The Bulldogs will visit the University of San Diego for a Pioneer League showdown this weekend before traveling to North Carolina next week to play Davidson.

Bulldog coach Steve Loney says with all the travel he will try to make sure the team gets enough rest. He says he’ll have to be smart about what they do in practice so fatigue doesn’t set in, but they still need to be prepared for the games.

This week’s matchup at San Diego features the top two rated non-scholarship teams in the country. Loney says they’re the reigning champions in the league until someone steps up and beats them. Loney says they would like to keep the San Diego offense off the field but at the same time they are not going to change their style of play.

He says you have to be smart and can’t go out and pass three times in a row and not run time off the clock and then have to punt. Loney says you have to be smart in play selection, but can’t totally change your identity, or the players will have a hard time adjusting.

Loney says the Bulldog offense will need to take advantage of scoring opportunities as everyone understands San Diego is going to make some plays and score. He says his team can’t try to make everything up all at once, they need to play so they are in a position to win in the fourth quarter.