The Iowa Court of Appeals has waded into a eight-year-old dispute between a fired southwest Iowa police officer and his former boss. In 1999, Mark Davenport was fired from his job as a policeman in Corning after several local women accused him of harassing them. He sued the women and his former employers. Those cases were settled out of court.

Davenport has long claimed the chief of police is out to get him. Back in 2002, Corning’s police chief was tried for nonfelonious conduct in office, but a jury acquitted him. Davenport filed a federal lawsuit against the police chief and the mayor. It was dismissed.

Now, the Iowa Court of Appeals has ruled on a lawsuit Davenport filed in state court. It alleged the City of Corning and its police had engaged in conspiracy, defamation, harassment and invasion of privacy against Davenport. The court of appeals has ruled Davenport should have his day in court on one charge — that the police chief has harassed Davenport by frequently driving past Davenport’s home in Corning. 

Audio: Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson reports. :51 MP3