Iowa Congressman Steve King, a Republican from Kiron, says the economic stimulus package that passed the House and awaits Senate approval is a short-term fix. King says the rebates in the plan provide a “sugar high” for Americans, and says “it’s almost as if irresponsible reckless spending got us into this mess, and irresponsible reckless spending will get us out of it.”

King says the best you can expect from the rebates is the “short sugar high” for the economy. King says he’d rather have seen the president push to make his tax cuts permanent as part of a long-term fix. King says we want businesses to make money as that’s were jobs are created, and he says he’d liked to have seen the president pick this time to stand his ground on making the 2003 tax cuts permanent. King says the president may not get another chance to stand up for the tax cut extension.

King says he was concerned that the rebate check would go to illegal aliens. He says the Senate took up the issue, but was only able to ensure that rebate checks are sent to people with a social security number. King says we know there are multiple people working under illegal social security numbers they have borrowed or stolen. King says he’s working to be sure that the IRS can only send a check to one address for each social security number. King made his comments during a stop in Creston.