There was a terse exchange today at the statehouse as the Senate’s Republican leader failed to force some movement on a controversial labor bill.  The legislation would expand the subjects public employees can explore during union contract negotiations.

 Democrats passed the bill through the Iowa House and Senate, but Governor Culver — a fellow Democrat — raised concerns just before it was approved by the Senate. The top Democrat in the Senate used a parliamentary procedure to essentially table the legislation.

Senate Republican Leader Ron Wieck of Sioux City tried today to lift that hold and either send the bill back to committee or send the bill to the governor for his approval or veto. Senate Democratic Leader Mike Gronstal of Council Bluffs used his authority to table the bill again and wasn’t keen about letting Wieck know what was going on behind-the-scenes. “I appreciate the fact you’re curious and as far as I’m concerned you can stay curious,” Gronstal said.

Wieck was a bit taken aback. “I think the people of Iowa really have a right to have something move on this bill and I believe that this is nothing but a stall tactic on it,” Wieck said.

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