Iowa State coach Gene Chizik says the Cyclone offense has displayed more big play ability this spring. Chizik says one of the things they’ve harped on with the offense is the lack of "explosive plays," plays defined as 16 yards on a pass and 12 yards on a run.

He says those type of plays are killers for a defense and a boost for the offense. Chizik says those plays have a major impact on the outcomes of games, as it changes the dynamic of everything you try to do on offense.

Chizik says Saturday’s format will be offense versus defense using a scoring system they always use, and they run about 100 plays. Chizik says a number of starting jobs are up for grabs. One is at quarterback where Austen Arnaud is competing against Phillip Bates top replace Bret Meyer.

The Iowa Hawkeyes will have their final practice in Kinnick Stadium as they close out spring practice. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz says it will be more of a controlled scrimmage instead of game. He says they want to put players in situations and see how they perform.

Ferentz says he would like to see good execution, but this is the 15th day they’ve done against each other, so it could be a little bit of a "spy vs. spy" type game. He hopes they come out showing some progress and with no injuries.