There are several reports of pictures and other personal items from Parkersburg and the other towns hit by Sunday’s tornado being found miles away, even as far away as Wisconsin and Illinois. The Butler County Auditor’s office in Allison is serving as a sort of "lost and found" for those items.

Mary Brower is a spokeswoman for the effort. "Whether it be in an envelop or a package, whatever — have it sent here and we’ll hang onto it and contact the city (of Parkersburg) and have the people of the city come and pick it up and folks there can come and take a look," she says.

Another center has been set up at the New Hartford fire station for people who want to list items they’re msising. Volunteers are dropping off personal items there that they’ve found as debris is cleared from nearby fields. The tornado’s wind speed reached 205 miles an hour, scattering debris for hundreds of miles.

If you find something you believe may belong to someone whose home in Parkersburg was destroyed in the tornado, you may sent it to the Butler County Auditor at 428 Sixth Street, Allison, IA, 50602.