The annual Iowa Sales Tax Holiday is now just one week away. Iowa Department of Revenue spokesperson, Renee Mulvey, says the holiday is Friday August first and Saturday August second. Mulvey you can buy qualifying footwear and clothing tax free as long as each item costs under 100 dollars.

This is the ninth annual sales tax holiday, and Mulvey says the qualifications for the tax break have stayed pretty much the same. She says there were a few changes a few years ago involving layaways and coupons, but otherwise there haven’t been many changes. Mulvey says the best way to determine what’s eligible is to think about what you consider every day clothing.

The idea behind the holiday is to give parents a break in buying back-to-school clothes, but Mulvey says it doesn’t include everything you need for school. Mulvey says backpacks and school supplies are still subject to the sales tax. Computers are also still being tax. For more information on eligible items, go to the Iowa Department of Revenue’s website .