The IndyCar Series announced the third Iowa Corn Indy 250 is set for next year on Sunday June 21st at the Iowa Speedway new Newton. Speedway spokesman, Craig Armstrong, says it’s exciting to know the race is continuing.

Armstrong says the speedway in "little old" Newton is being seen all over the world in the television coverage of the race. Armstrong says it’s an "awe inspiring experience" to know the impact they’ve had on people. He says the more people see the track, the more they want to go to a race.

Armstrong says they "see this fabulous looking facility that looks great on TV" and then want to come out to the raceway. He says the more people that come out the better it is for the economy and for tourism and the community. The track has to bring in temporary seats to accommodate the extra fans for the Indy race and Armstrong says they could install permanent seats if they get more big races.

Armstrong says they need to have two or three Indy type events to make it economically feasible to add the permanent seats. Armstrong wouldn’t comment on talk that the NASCAR Nationwide Series might bring a race to Newton after announcing Monday it will not return to Mexico City in 2009.