Members of some of the volunteer agencies who are in eastern Iowa to help with flood relief will be recognized at today’s events at the birthplace of the only U.S. president to come from Iowa.

Becky Allgood, executive director of the Hoover Presidential Library Association, says one dollar will be donated to flood recovery efforts for every person who attends tonight’s events at Hooverfest.

Allgood says, "This year, we’re saluting the service organizations and volunteers who will be here for the evening performance and they will be getting a special tribute." The events run all day and are being held on the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site in West Branch.

There will be historic craft makers, community activities, food vendors and make-and-take activities for the whole family. Allgood says the day will conclude with music and fireworks. Formerly known as the State Fair Singers, the Celebration Iowa group is made up of high school students from all across Iowa who sing, dance and play a host of instruments. They’ll be doing a Broadway review and a British Invasion along with a jazz performance.

Other events include a Hooverball tournament involving more than 40 teams, playing a game invented for then-President Hoover that resembles a cross between volleyball and tennis and uses a six-pound medicine ball. Teams competing include Iowa versus Iowa State and campaign staffers from the Obama and McCain offices in Iowa. Allgood says it’s appropriate that the events at this year’s Hooverfest are honoring volunteers.

"Mr. Hoover wasn’t much of a politician," Allgood says. "He always said that being a politician is a poor profession but being a public servant is a noble one. He always looked at himself as a public servant and didn’t take a penny of salary when he was president." For more information about today’s events, visit the facility’s website at