Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz says the off-week comes at a good time for his team. The Hawkeyes are 5-3 after a 38-16 win over Wisconsin and will next play at Illinois a week from Saturday. Ferentz says they went through a tough stretch where they played well, but not well enough to win.

Now he says they have gotten some wins and they need to prepare and look at it as a four-week season. Ferentz says the Hawks will spend this week working to improve rather than focusing on a game plan. Ferentz says bye weeks are like spring practice, where they work on the things they need work on and don’t really focus on an opponent.

Ferentz says any discussion with running back Shonn Greene regarding his future won’t take place until the season is complete. As a junior, Greene could return for next season but his NFL draft stock has risen dramatically with his quick start to the season.

Ferentz says they’ve had some players like that in the past, and says Robert Gallery and Dallas Clark are good examples, where one chose to move on and the other didn’t, and it worked out. Ferentz says it’s too early to talk about it now, as he says they will wait until the end of the season and sit down and talk about it with Green.