Iowa’s fourth district includes the western suburbs of Des Moines like Waukee that are not in Polk, but Dallas County. It also stretches northward to Ames and Mason City, then over along Iowa’s northern border to Decorah.

Republican Congressman Tom Latham’s family started Latham Seed in Alexander, which is in the district, and Latham — who now lives in Ames — is seeking an eighth term in the U.S. House. His Democratic challenger is Becky Greenwald of Perry who has spent most of her career working for the Garst and Pioneer seed companies.

"I strongly believe that our country has been on the wrong track for the last eight years and I so believe that Barack Obama will be our next president and I want to be there in congress to be able to help enact these important changes that need to be made to get things going in the right direction again," Greenwald made her comments during a Radio debate earlier this month with this month on KGLO in Mason City.

"I’ve worked in communities all throughout this district. I’ve never asked anybody whether they’re a Republican, a Democrat, Independent. They’re all my constituents and I listen to folks," Latham said during a radio debate on KGLO in Mason City. "…I don’t worry about party labels. I worry about helping Iowans."

Marshalltown and Postville — towns where meatpacking plants have been the focus on immigration raids — are both in the fourth district and the two candidates debated immigration reform during that radio debate. Latham, the incumbent, has out-raised Greenwald by a significant amount.

Greenwald’s backers point out that Democrat Tom Harkin won all 28 counties in the district during his last re-election campaign and the district has more registered Democratic voters today than it did six years ago.

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