Governor Chet Culver has appointed the first ever consumer advocate for the Iowa Insurance Division. Angel Robinson will leave her post at the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence to develop the new advocate bureau in the insurance division.

Robinson says one of the things they want to do is to become more available to people, and says she plans to start out with a whole review of the Insurance Division and then make some recommendations. Robinson says she’ll develop the position based on what she hears from Iowans. She says there was a call for a consumer advocated as the public wanted someone to really focus on their concerns.

Robinson isn’t sure yet if all the disasters that have hit the state this year have led to a lot more questions about insurance. Robinson says "insurance can be inherently confusing for individuals anyway," and the department has had a lot of inquiries in the past and will likely see them continue.

Robinson will take over her new job on November 14. Iowans with insurance questions or complaints may contact the Iowa Insurance Division toll free at: 877-955-1212 or on-line at the  Insurance Division’s website