Authorities are investigating two reports of attempted child abductions in the central Iowa town of Colo. Story County Sheriff’s Captain Barry Thomas says a group of parents reported the incidents that occured in recent weeks.

"A deputy spoke with them and as they started putting two and two together, it sounded like a similar vehicle may have been involved with two separate incidents…that seemed suspicious to the parents," Thomas says.

The first incident occured nearly two weeks ago, but was just recently reported by two boys to their parents. Thomas says the driver of a silver SUV approached the boys and asked where they lived. The boys said the man was between 40 and 60-years-old, had gray hair and a gray beard. The second incident happened on October 27th. 

"A similar type vehicle approached a young girl who was walking in Colo and made the comment to her to ‘get in’ on two occasions," Thomas says. "The girl did not see the man in the vehicle…she decided to run away."

Thomas says it’s important for parents and children to report any suspicious activity to local police immediately after the incident.