A diverse collection of movies created by filmmakers from Iowa and from around the world will be featured at this week’s Wild Rose Independent Film Festival. The list includes full features, documentaries, student films and shorts, according to Kimberly Busbee, director of the sixth annual festival.

Out of some 200 entries from across the U.S. and internationally, Busbee says they narrowed it down to about 35 entries, including five or six films from Iowans. She says it’s become very competitive to get into the Wild Rose now. The festival is named after the Iowa State Flower. Screenings will start tonight at the State Historical Building of Iowa in downtown Des Moines.

The list of finalists includes films from Ireland, Canada and Mexico, and from California, New York and all over the Midwest. One of the independent feature films was directed by Jon Putch, who’s known for directing several TV shows, including "Scrubs" and "Ugly Betty." Busbee says Putch’s entry for the Iowa festival is called "Route 30."

She says it features an ensemble cast including well-known actress Dana Delany. "The whole cast is great," Busbee says. "It’s a very funny film about stories along the Lincoln Highway, including a spotting of Bigfoot. It’s hysterically funny."

Among the stand-out student films, Busbee says one called "Treasure Diversity" is incredible, especially considering the filmmaker is an 11-year-old boy from Wisconsin. L.A.-based actress and casting director Jamie Rose will also be at the fest, teaching a workshop on auditions for aspiring actors. For a full rundown on the festival, see the website "www.ariesworks.com". The film fest runs through Sunday.