The Burlington Chamber of Commerce and several surrounding businesses were flooded today when a water pipe burst on the fourth floor of the downtown building where they are housed.

Chamber Administrative assistant Beth McClain says water covered the entire lobby on the 4th floor and then spread to the other floors as well, including a popular restaurant called Martini’s. McClain says the water was coming down the stairs and the elevator and the water was shut off and now they are waiting for it to drain out.

She says it appears Martini’s got the worse of the damage. McClain says they didn’t evacuate the building, and instead everyone grabbed what they could and started cleaning up. She says the water has to all drain out before they can complete the clean up.

Martini’s manager Mindy Crowl says water was everywhere. She says the water spread all through the building. Crowl says the damage at the restaurant is bad enough that the establishment will likely be closed this weekend. Frozen pipes and broken water mains have been common in Iowa recently with the subzero temperatures.