A Cedar Rapids police officer answering a call about loud music was assaulted this weekend, suffering cuts and bruises on his face. Department spokesperson, Cristy Hamblin says there’s been a disturbing trend as this was the 18th assault on an officer this year.

Hamblin says every assault on an officer is a concern, but they are now above the number of assaults from last year and that’s "a bigger concern."  She says the department is looking at how they approach things and what they can do differently to try and avoid assaults. Hamblin says the department has been more aware of the potential for assaults recently after officer Tim Davis was badly beaten and had life-threatening injuries.

Hamblin says that adds another "fear factor" for officers as she says officer Davis’ injuries were about as serious as you can get without the officer dyeing. Officer Davis is now in the midst of a slow recovery from his injuries, and the officer injured this weekend, Lucas Liddle, is also recovering. Hamblin says there seems to be a lack of respect in society that is part of the reason for the assaults.

Hamblin says when she was growing up you respected teachers, parents and police officers, and never spoke back to them out of respect. Hamblin says it’s scary that the amount of respect has declined and she says everyone needs to be held accountable. Hamblin says police officers are held accountable for how they do their job and the public has to be held accountable too.

Five people were arrested in connection with the assault on the officer this weekend, including 19-year-old Jacob Boots, who was charged with interference,assault on a police officer with injury and disorderly conduct.