A group of young men from northwest Iowa who apparently went on a small-scale vandalism spree Friday night face charges after one of them made it rather easy for authorities to track him down.

One of four people charged with vandalizing several mailboxes in Sioux County over the weekend made it easy for authorities to contact him. He left his cell phone at the scene of one vandalized mailbox.

Authorities investigated several mailbox vandalism incidents in the Sioux Center area Saturday morning that occured during the overnight hours. That investigation led to the arrests of 20-year-old Austin Feekes, 19-year-old Adam Hoogendoorn, 18-year-old Caleb Faber and 19-year-old Joseph Vanderbrink. All are from Rock Valley and all four have been charged with fifth degree criminal mischief.

That’s a simple misdemeanor and each the four could face up to a month in jail and a fine of at least $50 or as much as $500.