Hawkeye Downs in Cedar Rapids is extending its racing season. Chris Stocks is director of racing and says the track has lost four dates to rain so far this season. He says the drivers felt adding three Friday races in September was the best option.

Stocks says they offered the options of racing on Wednesdays and add a couple of Saturdays in September, and he says the option to do nothing was the lowest.

The track will now offer racing on September fourth, 18th and 25th. Stocks says he is not sure how the attendance will be effected since those nights will compete with high school football games. He says that was considered and they didn’t do races on Saturdays because of college football.

Stocks says they have to keep working to get to the point where high school football worries about them. He says the drivers have to race and if it is successful they might race in September in the future too. Stocks says the drivers put a lot of money into their cars and the track needs to provide them a full season.

He says tires and racing fuel cost a lot of money, along with oil costs, so it gets costly pretty quick.