One of the organizers of last spring’s "Tea Party" in Des Moines is encouraging like-minded Iowans to flood one of Senator Chuck Grassley’s "town hall meetings" tomorrow.

Ryan Rhodes of Clive, a Des Moines suburb, says they chose the meeting Grassley will hold in Adel as their target because it’s closest to Des Moines and it starts at 4:30 p.m., making it easier for people to leave work a bit early and still get to the event.

"Mostly we just want to be able to voice our opinions across the range of whatever somebody decides that they don’t like certain pieces of the health care bill, " Rhodes says. "…Some people are more fired up about one portion. Some people are more fired up about another, but overall there’s a consensus of a strong desire that this is not the way anyone wants to go."

Rhodes expects "hundreds" of people to show up in Adel and Rhodes hopes Grassley, a Republican, will see that as a signal he should quit working with Democrats on a bipartisan health care reform package.

"We want to remind him that he’s representing us and we don’t want (health care reform) and we’ll remember come November," Rhodes says.

Rhodes predicts Grassley will face a primary challenge from another Republican next June if Grassley doesn’t do an about face on health care.

"From what I’ve personally been hearing…(Grassley) would face a very, very strong primary if he were to vote (yes) on this health care legislation or basically reach a compromise that people would feel is a sell-out with the Democrats or…the couple of Democrats with an ‘R’ behind their name as well," Rhodes says.

Rhodes, by the way, cannot run for the U.S. Senate as he’s too young to be a senator. Rhodes, who has become the chief organizer of the Iowa Tea Party movement, has posted information online at .