The global recession is blamed for slowing a European company’s plans to build a factory in eastern Iowa for making towers for wind turbines. The unnamed company is considering both Iowa City and Davenport. Iowa City planning director Jeff Davidson says the plans are still viable because Iowa is a key location for the firm’s expansion.

“The size of the components that they are manufacturing are so massive, they don’t like to transport them very far,” Davidson says. “That’s part of the reason that Iowa’s such a good location and they like to locate together. In fact, the Clipper plant in Cedar Rapids and the Acciona in West Branch are part of why they’re interested in us.”

Davidson says Iowa City may have the edge over Davenport due to its proximity to the other wind power component plants. “We’re taking advantage of that already,” Davidson says. “If they were to locate here, we feel additional suppliers to the industry would locate here and that would be a great thing for us.”

Davidson says the plant is expected to eventually create some 130 jobs in eastern Iowa, with more jobs to follow.