A group that’s known for cleaning up rivers is also working on a project to improve solid ground. Denise Mitten of the Living Lands & Waters program says it’s called the "MillionTrees Project." She says the trees project was started to help sustain the river cleanup efforts as they are now trying to go in and plant native trees.

Mitten says they plant fruit and nut-bearing trees that help curb erosion as well as provide food for the wildlife. Mitten says they get seeds that are donated, and then grow them into trees that can be planted.

Mitten says the separate the seeds based on whether they are from a low wetland area or an upland dry area. She says they plant the trees in the lowland areas and give the trees for the upland areas to people to plant in their yards, parks and schools. Mitten says they give the trees away free.

Mitten says you can call her or visit their website and find out how to get a tree. She says they are looking for people who’re doing projects, and people who just want to plant a tree in their yard. If you would like more information on the free trees, contact Denise Mitten, Programs Coordinator, at 309-496-9848 or [email protected]. You can also visit the organization’s website at: www.livinglandsandwaters.org .