Visitors to the Des Moines International Airport Friday morning will be asked to steer clear of a Hollywood movie production. Airport spokesperson Roy Criss says film crews for the movie “Janie Jones” will be shooting a scene at the north end of the terminal. The scene involves a person exiting a car and entering the airport. The production will only occupy one of three traffic lanes.

“But, it is Hollywood. They run cables, set up lights and they do several takes,” Criss said. “It really shouldn’t negatively impact anyone very much, but we just want people to know what to expect when they get out here.” The filming is expected to start at 7 a.m. and finish around noon. Airport visitors could catch a glimpse of at least one Hollywood movie star.

“Elisabeth Shue is in the film and I know the male lead is supposed to be in the shot, so I guess my assumption is (Shue) might be here because she is the female lead,” Criss said. This won’t be the first time a major film production has done work at the Des Moines Airport.

In January, a couple scenes for the movie “The Ticket Out” were filmed at the airport. The heavy metal band Slipknot has also filmed a video in one of the airport’s hangars. Criss says the impact of the Friday morning shoot to passengers should be minimal. But, he wants to spread the word so no one’s surprised when they arrive at the airport.

“You know how people are when they get to the airport…they get nervous anyway,” Criss said. “If something happens that’s unexpected, then sometimes it agitates them and we just want people to know what’s going on. We’re trying to be a good partner and a good neighbor to the film industry.”

The “Janie Jones” production is one of many that’s set to receive money from the state in the form of tax credits. The program, however, was put on hold last week when state officials discovered irregularities and alleged mismanagement. The fallout, thus far, has included the firing of the manager of the Iowa Film Office and the resignation of the director and deputy director of the Iowa Department of Economic Development.