Legislators are scheduled to resume hearings today into the alleged misuse of money by the Iowa Association of School Boards. I.A.S.B. executive director Maxine Kilecrease is accused of increasing her salary without approval by the board, and then trying to stonewall a private audit.

The Legislative Oversight Committee has asked Kilcrease to appear, and has been granted the authority to subpoena people to get them to appear. Committee co-chair, Senator Rich Olive a Democrat from Story City, would like to see everyone testify without using that power.

“I would hope the people that have been involved in all of this, and I hate to even say wrong doing at this point but it sure appears if money has been misspent so I would hope they would come forward, we can ask questions, and then let it go from there,” Olive says. The committee has also requested testimony from the former I.A.S.B. chief financial officer and former attorney.

Olive says they hope to shed some sunshine on what’s occurred so that if there needs to be some criminal investigation either the D.C.I. or others will have some information that can shed some light on the situation and hopefully help further their investigation. The committee is scheduled to meet at noon.