The Iowa Barnstormers open their new season Friday in a sort of throwback situation for the indoor football team. The Barnstormers have been playing the Arena-2 league, but marketing director Greg Boyd says they’re stepping up to the top level.

Boyd says the league has been restructured over the past year with a lot of new ownership groups. He says they combined some of the better teams in AF-2 with some of the stable teams from the Arena League for a 15-team league that will put Des Moines up against larger cities such as Orlando and Phoenix.

Boyd says they are back on the level of the glory days when players like Kurt Warner suited up. He says it puts them back on the top level very similar to the first Barnstormers teams that played in the ArenaBowl. Boyd says there are some familiar names on this team.

Boyd says Tim Dodge is back with the team, the former University of Iowa player was also on the original Barnstormers. Former Iowa State University wide receiver Todd Blythe is also on the roster. The new Arena League will have several games on television nationally, including tonight’s on the NFL Network.

Boyd says they are the first game that’s on national TV and there will be a nationally televised game on Fridays. He says Iowa will be on five times, including four home games. Boyd says they chose the Barnstormers for the first game because of the fans and the atmosphere they create. He says tickets are available.

He says you can go on-line at “The”, or you can call 515-633-2255. You can also get the tickets at the box office, or at Des Moines Dahls stores. The Barnstormers open up tonight against the Chicago Rush, with kickoff at seven p.m. in Wells Fargo arena.