Iowa State University Police say they have located a body inside an isolated room of an outlying farm building. An I.S.U. police officer was examining remote areas of the property south of campus last night when he discovered the body of a dead male inside a brick structure.

The building, which is no longer used for agricultural purposes, is located on I.S.U.’s old fairy farm site approximately one mile south of central campus. Police say the determination of the cause and manner of death is pending the results of medical tests. An autopsy is scheduled to be performed later today.

There is a students who has been missing from Iowa State since leaving a party on January 22nd. Several searches in and around campus failed to turn up signs of 21-year-old Jonathan Lacina of Grinnell.

I.S.U. Police Chief Jerry Stewart says they’ve been unable to develop and clues as to Lacina’s whereabouts.