Governor Chet Culver signed a bill Thursday that increases the weight limits for trucks on county roads — despite opposition from the trucking industry. The Iowa Farm Bureau, corngrowers and soybean association pushed for the bill as it allows trucks to carry larger loads of ag products.

Culver says the bill shows the state is flexible when it comes to farming practices that have increased yields and require heavier loads. The Iowa Motortruck Association and the Teamsters Union opposed the bill, saying the heavier trucks could hurt roads, and the drivers may not need a commercial drivers’ license if the truck is a farm vehicle. The governor says the measure is good for the state.

“We can create more jobs and have a stronger and more vibrant economy and a stronger and more vibrant rural economy as well,” Culver said. The new law expands the 80,000 pound limit on the trucks to 96,000 pounds.