A source is identifying the alleged gunman in last night’s shooting and standoff in a small community in southwest Iowa’s Adams County. The source which asked not to be identified, says the suspect is 16-year-old Daniel Beardsley, a student at Clarinda Academy.

Beardsley was said to be riding in the back of an academy vehicle with another student yesterday afternoon, grabbed the other student around the neck and threatened to strangle him, unless the driver pulled over. After stopping, the staff driver was allegedly stabbed in the face and shoulder by Beardsley, who grabbed the keys.

Beardsley then drove off, leaving the student and staffer behind. He drove to Brooks and allegedly broke into the home of Matt Herring. When Herring came home from work, he was shot three times. A responding Adams County deputy was also shot. The suspect surrendered after about three hours.

The source says Beardsley was considered by the academy as a risk for assault but not for escape or truancy. Neither authorities nor the academy have confirmed the shooter’s identity.

By Mike Peterson, KMA, Shenandoah