Iowa governor Chet Culver says he is not jumping into the debate over conference realignment. There is speculation that several members of the Big 12 could be jumping to the Big Ten and Pac Ten which raises the possibility that Iowa State could be left without a conference. Culver told the Des Moines Register that he viewed the issue worthy of his involvement.

Culver says he was asked a simple question ‘Will you help if asked?’, and Culver answered yes. He says that’s the extent of his involvement. Culver says he has spoken to the athletic directors at the two schools and said he offered to help them in any way, as he says he is a “huge fan” of both schools and wants them to win in any realignment plan.

Culver says he doesn’t want to see Iowa’s schools hurt by the actions of others. Culver says he will not get involved until he is asked. He says that was the case when Governor Mark Warner got involved with Culver’s alma-mater Virginia Tech. Culver says his involvement is to “fight for Iowa, fighting for the State of Iowa.”

Several outlets are reporting that Nebraska could announce a move to the Big Ten in the next few days.