Once Davenport police sorted out a bizarre call, they arrested three men early Monday. A report of shots fired at a central city house and a car speeding away from the scene came in a little after midnight. Police saw the car, took chase and it crashed. The driver fled, an officer shot at him and missed but later found him hiding near a house.

Twenty-eight-year-old Derrick Wright of Rock Island was charged with assault while displaying a weapon. He also has outstanding warrants from Rock Island, Illinois. Police say Wright told then two teenage boys on bikes had robbed him. He said he caught up with them at a house, where he threw a brick through a window after a confrontation with them.

Wright told cops someone in the house then shot at him, and he fled. Police arrested the teens, 17-year old Larry Wiggins Jr. and 16-year-old Raymond Slaughter Jr., both of Davenport. They’re charged with first-degree robbery.

By Phil Roberts, Davenport